About US

We've been in this space for 6 years

As a mining pioneer in China since 2017, Jyminer has witnessed the ups and downs of bitcoins and also the Ethereum merge. Throughout these years, we’ve kept up with the market trends and worked with a whole bunch of experienced manufacturers. Thus, we have the opportunity to work with our valued customers which include: home/farm miners, local suppliers, mining companies and retailers around the world. We value our customers and we strive to provide them with the best price and service!

We prioritize quality and variety

As a professional miner seller, we put quality and genuineness on top, and that’s why we work with the official brands and acquired their authorization & certificates. Each machine will go through a complete quality control and we will do the testing work before the machine is put into the market. Besides, we are also committed to offer a full range of ASIC miners that meet customers’ needs and we always follow the market trends to ensure that buyers can have access to updates and new launches.

We have warehouses in CN & RU

For all these years we’ve been dedicated to find a way to send our machines to every corner of the world and now it’s a dream cometrue: we have warehouses of worldwide delivery and we accept visiting service so our customers can inspect before purchasing. For now, we have 3 warehouses now which located in Moscow, Hong kong and Shenzhen.

We work with multiple brands

For years we’ve been working with some established brands such as Bitmain, Whatminer, Avalon, and we are ready to provide related certificates and purchase notes if needed. To ensure the diversity of products, we’ve also made joint hands with Ipollo and Jesmine, so buyers can have access to other miner brands from us.

We deliver by air

In order to save our customers from the high cost of customs duties and complicated import procedures, we opt for air delivery instead. We didn’t choose traditional delivery methods like shipping because ASIC miners are high-value products that need to be preserved well and delivered faster.

We offer reasonable price

As we work closely with our trusted brands, we are guaranteed with a bulk price offer. To make the mining machines affordable and give every customer a chance to mine or resell based on their budget, the miners are all sold in bulk price for buyers and there is no MOQ limitation.

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