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About US

As a crypto mining pioneer in China, we’ve been in the business for 6 years.

We set no limitaion to our customers, which include: home/farm miners, local suppliers, mining companies and retailers around the world. We value our customers highly and we strive to provide them with the best price and service!

We follow the market trend and cooperate with a number of experienced miner manufacturers. Now we’ve built a mature sales list of ASIC miners.

why choose us

We are committed to making it possible for everyone to get their hands on bitcoin mining machines and we have a warehouse where our customers can see our machines and decide to work with us.

We offer mining machines based on your own budget, as we have a comprehensive range of ASIC miners ready for sale.

We guarantee you the best selection of mining machines and the most competitive prices as we work with the brands for years and we inspect every machine from their manufacture before it comes to the market.

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